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Sensible Heat is a specialist heating control company based in Lewes, East Sussex & operates nationwide, either directly or through our network of partner companies.

Using energy the Sensible way

Founded in 2004, Sensible Heat was created specifically to supply controls for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in people's homes. We recognised a gap existed between the simple, domestic timeclocks and thermostats supplied by heating contractors and the complicated, expensive Building Management Systems (BMS) originally intended for large commercial buildings, yet increasingly being fitted into homes.

Traditional timeclocks and thermostats were not up to the job of controlling a modern home in an energy efficient way, while the complex BMS technology was difficult to use and maintain. Our designers were faced with a dilemma.

The solution was to combine the ease of fitting and use of traditional, simple controls with the sophisticated features of the commercial systems, without the complexity.

We’ve been supplying systems like these ever since.

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